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Extra Stuff:

Crap That Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else

Heya. Here's where I'll put all my crap that doesn't fit on the regular site in one way or another. I've got side comics up here, as well as a tutorial or five. Enjoy.
Lauran's Poorly Done Reality Comic. It's a poster-ized comic based upon my real life -- slightly embelished, of course. It's pretty "Geek Intensive" since it is about me and my friends hanging out at a game store. Come and see us as we deal with such problems as running out of pop and dealing with our warhammer adictions.
Drawing Tutorials. The original idea is from L.A. Sinclair, artist of "The Legend of Chucko Liang". I'll post "how to's" on how I draw characters beyond the normal scope obserable in my comic. I'll also have a brief rundown on how I do my comic eventully.

-- Lauran Parise.
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