Other Good Places to Go:


Supermegatopia: City of kiwis, and a large superhero/supervillian population. Everyday is a life and death battle for... Ah, damnit. It's a silly comic with lots of cheesecake thrown in. Read it, and Brian Burke will love you!

Ever wonder what Cloud or Zidane really were like? What exactly happens inside a RPG game? Well, this comic does a damn nifty look at the way it is inside those RPG's we all love so very very much. It's good satire, go there!

Poisoned Minds: The website of Allen Foreman. His comic SSDD manages to be tasteless as hell, but still very funny; all in six pannels a week. He's a flash guru in the making too. Give his site a visit, or he'll fly all the way from the UK to kick your ass.

The Legend of Chucko Liang A tale about a lone Samurai traveling through mexico bringing peace to the land. Besides that, there's 'Ethics' with Frody Carpenter! The artist of Chucko and I are on pretty good terms with each other, I sugest you go here and check it out!
The tale of a professional miscreant and his ne'er do well friends. They do every thing from stopping mass marketed religion to getting out the message that it's ok to be yourself... twisted morals with twisted humor, no doubt.

This strip gives me a little nostolgia... It reminds me of this one time some friends and I got really screwy durring a game of ironclaw...

A strip that's just starting out. It's shows quite a bit of promise, so give those CHAS (the artists!) gals a little peice of your time and check it out!

The Pantheon: Ever wondered what the gods do in their spare time? Which way does satan swing? exactly how did Jesus become the 'lamb of god'? And how well endowed is pan anyways? This is a great strip, read it!
The suspense/Mystery comic about a fellow who does other people's dirtywork; their odd jobs. Unfortunitely, when one is paid to stick one's nose into other people's bussiness, bad things tend to follow.

Jack: This comic honestly has to be one of the most beautifully drawn and written comics I've had the pleasure to read. It's about Jack, the embodiment of the sin wrath. His job is to gather the souls of the dead as penance for what he did in life. The stories range from humorous, to touching, to downright horific (read the story 'Angry Brian' to see what I mean... what happens to Brian after he dies still creeps me out.) Oh, and then there's Fnar. Innocence in hell has never been funnier

This is an odd comic. But I like it for some reason. I mean, where else can you see the exploits of a living, inflatable sex toy, her master, and a severed head? It's sexual fetishes in a humorous manner, so it can't be that bad. And it got an Awful Site of the day from something awful.com! How can you not love it!?

Gene Catlow is one of the best comics I've seen on the net. There's not much that I can say that will do justice to it. It's on keenspot for christsakes! Read it now, thank me later!

Other Stuff To Be Used For Fun:

GraphXpress. The home of a talented artist, Jim Groat. He does the webcomic 'West Corner of the Park', a satirical look at life on FurryMUCK. There's other stuff there too, so give it a look!

Sanguine Productions, Lt. The good folks who made up a little game called Ironclaw... Let's just say this comic wouldn't be possible without the insperation this game has given me. That and this was the catalyst for me getting into furries. Give the site a look!